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That may or may not mean someone who eats scales. I don't know any Latin.

I spent a large part of our trip shopping for, buying, and reading books in English. Between my London-Paris and Paris-Vichy train rides today (6.5 total hours of travel time), I managed to polish off two of them. I am quite pleased with my new acquisitions: Beggars Banquet (the latest Ian Rankin), Mother Tongue and Notes from a Big Country (now that I have full collections of Rankin and Brookmyre, my latest victim is Bill Bryson), Talking to Addison (recommended by Cheryl because the author has an entertainingly Betty vs. Molly-esque writing style), and An Englishman in Paris: l'éducation continentale. It is in this last one that I found yet another quote for the ol' quotes page:

"England had been my pillow.
La France serait mon réveil."

srah - Saturday, 8 March 2003 - 6:07 AM
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