Dod save our dracious tween

Here we are in Royston, Hertsfordshire. Or maybe it's Cambridgeshire. I never know where I am around here. Uncle Reg lives in a small village in one county but his address is in the other.

Tonight we went to a quiz night sponsored by the Royston Photographic Society. I had a lot of fun and two glasses of wine, as Yiz ordered me a new one even before I'd finished the first. The quiz was good and challenging, especially for Americans with no idea who Huey Green is, let alone what his connection is to the musical clue. And for the general knowledge of readers, I will share the very useful bits of trivia that the three types of swan in Britain are the Hooper, Buick and Mute, that London trains to Sheffield leave from St Pancras station, and that Robbie Williams comes from Stoke-on-Trent (also home to many brands of china). We ended up 5th out of 8, mostly due to bad luck and using our double-points joker on the wrong round.

srah - Saturday, 1 March 2003 - 5:47 PM
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