Are hooded sweatshirts and trainers 'in' yet?

Do you follow fashion? Are you the kind of person whose shoes always match their purse or belt? Are you able to list off the new trends for this season? Because I so am not. I am so not. The problem with writing as you talk is that you write things that are ungrammatically correct grammatically incorrect so there is no right or wrong way because you're already doing it wrong. And things that sound fine out loud look stupid written down. Pardon the rambly tangent.

So anyway, I really could probably get by in life with two pairs of black shoes. I'd say one, but il faut pas wear the same ones every day or they'd start to smell.

In addition, when Sophie and I were out walking, we decided we were secretly transvestites because we preferred all the displays of fringues pour mecs to those for filles.

Fashion has never particularly been something that branched me. Clothes prevent me from being naked and protect me from the elements. When I actually do wear something trendy or dressy, I feel like I'm putting on an act and someone's going to denounce me for the big fat fake that I am.

srah - Monday, 24 March 2003 - 2:28 PM
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