A post about shoes

Never say that my blog-posts are not important and deep. Heh.

These are my favorite shoes. I don't know how long I've had them, but I know they were not new when I wore them trick-or-treating in ninth grade. So they must be at least ten years old by now. They are showing their age - the black suede is worn and turning grey - but I keep wearing them because I know I will never find anything like them again.

They are comfortable, as any shoe would have to be to stand up to hours of door-to-door travelling on that October night nine years ago. They are sandals and have a heel, but are neither dressy enough to make me feel uncomfortable, nor high enough to make me trip or walk funny (or funnier than usual, anyway). And last, they are T-straps, which always make me feel a bit old-fashioned and fun and which are rather hard to find.

It's going to be hard for me if I ever have to get rid of these shoes, and I suspect that day will never come.

srah - Wednesday, 26 March 2003 - 1:42 PM

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