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I'm afraid to venture out into the cold and snow and ice. I think I'll just hole up here until spring comes. I have tea a-plenty, so I'll manage to survive.

Speaking of cold, snow and ice, whoever designed Vichy was clearly smoking crack. Here we are with a town full of precisely (I counted) one hillion jillion old people. Instead of having concrete sidewalks, which would give some traction, the whole town is covered in a slick, smooth tile. The ice is better to walk on than the salted parts, because it gives you traction, whereas the tile is flat and wet. Broken hip city!

Jennifer and I have noticed lately that there are an inordinate amount of funeral parlors and opticians in Vichy. We think they must be paying off the city planners and sidewalk shovelers, because even if slipping and falling doesn't kill them, it should at least break their glasses.

srah - Saturday, 11 January 2003 - 4:45 AM
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