Srahs are punny

My favorite thing is when someone makes a play on words in French and I get it. I love songs with plays on words because I am happy to understand them. Sometimes I am entertained even when it wasn't done on purpose. For example, the French use the same word, avocat for lawyer and avocado. So when the lawyers went on strike two years ago, I was quite amused to imagine little green fruit in the street with signs and banners.

At dinner tonight, they were talking about a friend who had been in the hospital. Mme Astagneau asked if he was better now and Lucie said he must be, because she saw him the other day, eating a réligieuse.

I started giggling and it eventually built up to hysterical laughter and I thought I was going to cry. Although I knew very well that a réligieuse is also a kind of cake, I couldn't help imagining that the friend had been feeling well enough to eat a nun.

The Astagneaux looked at me like I was crazy.

srah - Saturday, 16 November 2002 - 3:08 PM
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