srah is just stupid

Just in case you wondered who I am, Googlism can tell you:

srah is my older sister
srah is just stupid
srah is an hourly worker
srah is nice and buteeful
srah is really cleva so we call ger a geek to
srah is going on another depressing job search at yahoo
srah is 6 years older
srah is withheld under the official secrets act
srah is to present those factors in a straightforward manner
srah is the same sarah barrington listed as a child of marion madison
srah is buried at east point
srah is unpacking
srah is laughable
srah is here to stay

and I learned some new things about my boyfriend...

pato is doomed
pato is a very private possession
pato is a tenderhearted aging bachelor who nonetheless has the spark of ambition in him
pato is sweet and loveable and you can sympathize with him for being caught in the war between maureen and her mother
pato is a qualified chemist and self taught winemaker
pato is national director of the association in spain
pato is armed with the riot or combat shotgun
pato is good enough
pato is a 2 year old wood duck
pato is sustained without leave to amend
pato is available everywhere but it is easy to find in california
pato is my favorite native american actor
pato is the new "roving journalist" for the department of communication and marketing
pato is a founding member and was musical director of the london school of samba for five years and is also musical director for combined european brazilian
pato is irreplaceable for his legendary sense of humor
pato is the name everyone mentions when the bairrada region is discussed
pato is the most genuine sport of the country and argentinian players are considered to be among the best of the world
pato is used to beat this substance
pato is being shut down
pato is the cool
pato is proposing to serve liquor on a deck directly in front of the existing building
pato is too young to update his own page
pato is the team clown
pato is also a good friend
pato is waiting for you
pato is one who has attained the cessation of all kamma
pato is coming over
pato is the star
pato is okay

[via ann arbor sucks]

srah - Monday, 4 November 2002 - 4:41 AM

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