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'Put that bloody cigarette ou--'

I have found something to keep me entertained for a while: 500+ small-print pages of The Complete Stories of Saki. Daddy had read them and suggested them but I never got around to it. I am quite enjoying them because in order to being a long, time-consuming book, the stories are sort of like a twisted P.G. Wodehouse. They're full of upper-class twits and overbearing elderly aunts, but also full of people being eaten by sacred ferrets and suchlike and whatnot. Ridiculous and twisted is just the way humour ought to be.

'And be surrounded by Americans trying to talk French? No, thank you. I love Americans, but not when they try to talk French. What a blessing it is that they never try to talk English...'
- Saki, "Adrian: A Chapter in Acclimatization"

srah - Friday, 29 November 2002 - 9:43 AM

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