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Next thing you know, I'll be working as an elf...

I was going to blog about this later, but I have also found a 2001 Onion A/V Club interview with David Sedaris. I am ecstatic. I want to go out for coffee with David if he's still in France. Find me, David! I have also just discovered that David and his sister Amy are both on What', so here comes the long-waited (since this weekend) post:

I am turning into David Sedaris. It's not that I can't ask for one of anything, it's that one carrot looks so lonely in the bag. He needs a friend to live with him. Or, if I'm being David, perhaps I should say that she needs a friend, because he was the one who had his dresser-top objects going out on dates in order to learn their gender. So yes. I can't just buy one carrot, or one tomato, or one clementine, or one apple. Which is something I could do here - just buy fruit when I need it - because I am close enough to the supermarket and I go there all the time anyway because I have nothing better to do. So along with my collections of spices and .20€ pieces, I am collecting fruits and vegetables that I bought without any real plans for their future. At least it's not two kilos...

srah - Monday, 4 November 2002 - 11:00 AM
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