Where have all the cobayes gone? (12.10.02)

I was volunteered as a cobaye to the BTS Optique students who are in an alternating work/study program. They have all of the equipment in the school, so they gave me an eye test.

I started out trying to answer in English, but I gave up when I was reading the eye-chart letters too fast for them to translate. All in all, it was the most amusing eye test I've ever had, because the five students testing me would argue over which step came next and what the various results meant. I, meanwhile, was trapped behind the enormous goggle-machine and couldn't see anything because the eyeholes were closed. Then they would shoot eye-related questions at me in French and I would understand nothing. They're a fun bunch, but I hope they'll have some more training before they're let loose as opticians!

srah - Monday, 14 October 2002 - 4:40 AM

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