My So-Called Life (9.10.02)

My life is so rich and full of excitement. I am actually rather pleased about the construction that is going on at Monoprix, my local supermarket. They are redoing everything, it seems, because every time I go there (which is every day - I have a rich and exciting life and nothing better to do than go to Monoprix every day), everything has moved. It's actually rather impressive how impossible they've made it to find things from one day to the next. Yesterday I was lucky enough to be blocked in while they were dragging a whole shelf to a new location.

It may sound like I'm complaining here, but I'm not. The more time it takes me to do my grocery shopping, the less time I have to fill. I am BORED.

Just a few days ago, I was saying that I had quite enough to do and my days were full enough that I didn't get bored and didn't need to look for new activities. That was because I had been at the lycée all day long and had come home to do my errands in the evening. Now I'm running out of errands, running out of money (so shopping isn't an option and neither is surfing the Internet, at 4€/hour at Echapp), and the lycée told me that since I've already observed for four days, I didn't need to come in again until my regular schedule starts on Monday. I've been away from the school for six hours now and I'm already bored. Tomorrow, even though I'm not working, I'm going to go to school to use the computers and talk to the teachers. I need something to do...

srah - Thursday, 10 October 2002 - 3:56 AM
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