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Dream (28.9.02)

I had a very pleasant dream last night where I was watching the first episode of MDs. Dr. Dalgety arrived at the hospital and Dr. Kellerman, the reckless rule-breaking doctor already installed at the hospital, didn't like him. He didn't trust Dr. Dalgety because he suspected he was one of them. I was rather disappointed that Dr. Kellerman wasn't better-looking - he looked sort of like a ferret.

There was a sort of segue as the show started to focus on the medical students, à la Scrubs. Now I was in the dream and was the main character, who was male. There was one other male and one other female student. We went to a bar with the female student's friend, who I was madly in love with.

Somewhere in the middle of this, I found myself (my actual self) walking down the street in Vichy, and overhearing a conversation between two 2002 Huron High School graduates where one (who I used to call the Snowman, because he had a round head and a round body) was confessing that he was pining away for my sister. IN the dream, I thought it was a shame that this was only a dream because Becky would have been interested to know that.

Then it was back to the Scrubs-dream and I was a sort of omniscient narrator who occasionally jumped into the characters' bodies. I could tell that the main character had a crush on the friend and that the friend had a crush on the narrator, the was one can tell these things while watching TV. They didn't know it themselves, but the female medical student wrote a note to the main character on a strange clear plastic envelope, telling him to go for it. Somehow when I, the omniscient narrator, then jumped into the main character's body, I took my brain with me, and he could see the situation the same way I had. He burst into the room and grabbed the friend and kissed her.

It was very satisfying to watch, as it always is in movies and TV when two characters finally get together.

srah - Sunday, 29 September 2002 - 6:35 AM
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gravatar alfie - March 23, 2004 - 10:48 PM -

Yes. I would have been interested to know that.

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