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PromoGuy's Monday Mission

1. I love to order a Wendy's "Frosty" and then dip my French Fries into it before I eat them. Do you have any eating habits others might think are odd? I have gone through various stages where sweet & sour sauce, bbq sauce, mayonnaise and now dijon mustard were my fry-toppings of choice. Why don't we ask Alex this question? Everything he eats is odd.

2. What was the worst date you ever went on? Haven't had too many. Um, I don't know. I saw Titanic with Josh. The date wasn't that bad, but it was Titanic... Dates with the Patito have been much better because we were boyfriend and girlfriend before we ever went on a date so it was never awkward like it was with Josh.

3. Who (or what site) inspired you to begin Blogging? I can't remember now. That's pretty pathetic, considering it was only a few months ago. I know that the first one I ever saw was Meg's and I just didn't get why someone would want to put their daily life online. Maybe it was my Roommate.

4. Have you inspired, encourgaed, or begged anyone else to start a Blog? I think I begged or indirectly inspired both Becky and Alex to blog... and look where it got them. I influenced several people to switch to Blogger.

5. Any foods you just will not eat? Raw meat.

6. Describe the worst Birthday party (adult or child's) that you ever attended? I don't remember... it'll probably occur to me next week when I'm doing the Monday Mission again.

7. What was the first music album you ever bought (tape, CD, LP, whichever or all of the above)? Drat. I had this idea for a question and Promo got there first. Now I have to wait for all of my readers to forget this question so I can answer it again. The first tape I bought was Amy Grant's "Heart in Motion" and the first CD was Ace of Base's "The Sign". Stop that giggling.

BONUS: Do you think you're what they say you are? I never know what to do with these bonus questions. I probably am what they say I am. They know everything about me, because of the microchips they've implanted in my head.

srah - Monday, 11 March 2002 - 5:20 PM
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