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Promoguy's Monday Mission: 1. What

Promoguy's Monday Mission:

1. What was the most romantic moment you remember from last year? Um...
perhaps the rose-in-the-Pringles-can-incident, except that at the time it
was confusing and freaky and sudden, rather than romantic, which was the
intention. 2. What is your most recent obsession?
Blogging, perhaps. Or french onion soup.

3. One of my favorite things in the world is to watch the sunset/sunrise,
although rainbows are a close second. Tell me about your favorite natural
I like to watch a really fierce thunderstorm from a nice
big window. I had a good window my freshman year - it was on the third floor
and there weren't a lot of trees in the way, so I had a big view of the sky.
4. I've always been told bad things come in "threes." I really don't
believe in the rule of the "threes," but have you had some experiences where
it has proved to be true?

I can't think of any...

5. But then again, I am usually a positive person, takes a lot to "p"
me off. Let's talk about good things for a sec. What's the most recent "good
news" you have heard?
I don't have history class on Friday... that's
the best I can think of right now. Oh, F + A have been going out since October
and didn't tell anyone. Or at least not me. That's nice news. 6. I'm not double-jointed and I can't stop a fan-blade with my tongue.
But I can curl my tongue as well as cross just one eye. Do you have any stupid
human tricks?

I can curl my tongue. I can also do the live-long-and-prosper thing with my fingers and divide them the other way too. With both hands. I am proud.

7. I have to say, that really was a good movie. It is pretty early still,
I think there are some things going on downtown. Anything strike your fancy?

Downtown here? Are you kidding? All there is to do here is go to the bar or the movies.

BONUS: Who can take a sunrise...sprinkle it with dew? For once I know
the bonus... the Candy Man can.

srah - Monday, 21 January 2002 - 1:32 PM
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