I think I just spilled my drink

"I think I just spilled my drink. That's what I get for turning it upside down."
- Cheryl Kane

Had a lovely tea with Cheryl today - we were the Table of Invisible Descriptive Grammarians. Today's new words and phrases (and two real words out of the SAT bin):

perruque out - verb - wig out - "You got all perruqued out just because your boyfriend's a prescriptive grammarian."
insolite - adjective - straight-up rebellious, nothing but outright mutiny - "No chocolate in Baldwin? That's boutsta make me a little insolite."
play with a penguin - verb - to burn a CD - "Yeah, he was really upset because he'd been trying for several hours to play with a penguin... what was I talking about?"
the hole in the doughnut - noun - all that and a bag of chips - "Yeah, he thinks he's the hole in the doughnut, but... no."
avuncular - adjective - uncle-like - "Why was that old man hanging around that young girl? I don't believe his intentions are too avuncular..."
dearth - noun - lack - "There is certainly a dearth of chocolate in Baldwin."

Later we met up with Jillian and had dinner and then she came over to watch Alex's Dating Service Videos - oops, I mean videos from home. Two more quotes of the night:

"Stay there, I'm copulating."
- Alex Rivera
"You have a quotes page? Am I naked on it?"
- Rob Sudul

srah - Tuesday, 30 October 2001 - 1:04 AM
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