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This is what makes me old

I had a visit yesterday from CKane, who is leaving in July for two years in the Peace Corps in Guinea. We went out to dinner and caught up on old times and it was great, but what scared me was that this is it. I'm getting old. I don't live with my college friends anymore and see them everyday - I just have to meet up with them for dinner once every few years and catch up on old times. It's a shame that we'll be "catching up" for the rest of our lives....

srah - Tuesday, 3 June 2003 - 9:40 AM
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Graduation countdown: 4 days

4 days. When I went from Grenoble to visit my roommate in Aberdeen last year, we had quite an adventure. We had a train to catch at 6am. I was up and ready at 6am, but I hadn't considered the thought that the first bus goes by around 6:03. For some reason I couldn't get the phone to work properly and couldn't call a cab to the train station, so I went to the nearby phone box, and I couldn't get my phone card to work. What was I going to do? I was going to let Cheryl down and...

srah - Wednesday, 1 May 2002 - 9:35 AM
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That is a Blackadder title, I believe. Okay, the computer's going off so I can get packed for Wooster. Woo woo wooster. Have a nice weekend. CKane would wike this post because it has wots of awwitewation....

srah - Friday, 1 February 2002 - 3:30 PM
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Snippets from Tea with CKane:

Snippets from Tea with CKane: "Up your vernacular!"... "Poom poom short"... "It's the financial aspects of my wings that worry me"... "I was in Vienna, in a small café on the Schtroumpfstrasse, when a man approached me..." We have fun, doan' we? Cheryl and her monster vocab make me want to expand my own. I think there are a lot of words I used to be able to use in conversation, but I've since forgotten their definitions. I usually prefer to say something else, rather than sounding like the guy in my History class who said that Catherine of Aragon's...

srah - Wednesday, 23 January 2002 - 4:15 PM
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CKane is thinking

CKane is thinking about teaching English in Korea next year. Wowie wow wow....

srah - Tuesday, 15 January 2002 - 3:20 PM
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Cheryl is the *star*

Cheryl is the *star* of my English Language paper. Yay, I'm finished! I used many familiar words from the blog like surveil and decommend and wrote about me using words from French in English conversation, whether accidently or expressly. Now, as predicted, I can blog until I collapse. Except I have nothing to say. Bah! *slump* Isn't my hand creepy in this picture? -->...

srah - Wednesday, 28 November 2001 - 2:38 AM
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Another fruitful teatime

Another fruitful teatime with Cheryl! We founded the Society for the Institution of Zed in order to reintroduce "zed" as the pronounciation for the letter Z. Cheryl crosses her Zs, which gets her a gold star right on her forehead. We also wrote a letter that we forgot to send to Baldwin, which is unrivaled in poetic greatness: Dearest Beloved Baldwin, My name is Stan and i don't like cran berry tea. My last name is Zimmerman and i don't like cinnamon tea. either. ethereal earl elates gargantuan grey gregarious grey graciously grants guzzling glee earl is a pearl in...

srah - Monday, 5 November 2001 - 7:14 PM
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I think I just spilled my drink

"I think I just spilled my drink. That's what I get for turning it upside down." - Cheryl Kane Had a lovely tea with Cheryl today - we were the Table of Invisible Descriptive Grammarians. Today's new words and phrases (and two real words out of the SAT bin): perruque out - verb - wig out - "You got all perruqued out just because your boyfriend's a prescriptive grammarian." insolite - adjective - straight-up rebellious, nothing but outright mutiny - "No chocolate in Baldwin? That's boutsta make me a little insolite." play with a penguin - verb - to burn...

srah - Tuesday, 30 October 2001 - 1:04 AM
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Whoever heard of

Whoever heard of cherry pie with chocolate sauce on it? Baldwin, you suck. New vocabulary addition - the one I forgot was not a word, but a phrase: way aller - an exclamation of encouragement, meaning 'way to go' - "Way aller, you got some thé au lait." I love CKane. I have a good time with her. I have an English Language test tomorrow. Eventually, I should start studying. Blogging is fun....

srah - Thursday, 25 October 2001 - 7:42 PM
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New vocabulary words

New vocabulary words to use and memorize: ass - adverb - very, in a negative way - "This food is ass-nasty." peunesh - verb - to punish with hot sex - "Look out or you're going to get peuneshed." surveil - verb - to watch over, to carry out a surveillance - "I'm going to surveil the salad bar for wrongdoers." Cheryl and I came up with another one at tea yesterday, but I forgot. Actually, we came up with several - and did some deep etymological research as well. Etymology is the one that's words, as opposed to bugs,...

srah - Thursday, 25 October 2001 - 2:06 PM
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