I dreamt last night that my dad and I were in WWII Germany and the Führer, Margaret Thatcher, was holding some kind of big rally. Part of this rally was some sort of demonstration of Nazi power where they were going to publicly feed ham to Jews. Through some kind of mistaken identity, my dad and I were among the group selected. Of the other "victims", many nobly refused the ham even though they were starving, but my dad and I just went ahead and ate it. "He likes ham. He might want some more," I said to the Nazis. "I'm not a fan, but I guess I'll eat it anyway, just because it's here. We're not Jewish, you know. I guess you thought we were." Margaret Thatcher herself came down to escort us away from the group, either because she believed we weren't Jewish and wanted to cover for their mistake, or because she was congratulating us for turning our backs on our faith. I figured I had a pretty good opportunity so grabbed her head and pulled it off, at which point I discovered she was made out of plastic.

srah - Wednesday, 23 March 2011 - 8:42 AM
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