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March 27, 2010

I don't want you here/ I just wanna dance

At Kroger yesterday, "Hey Ya" was playing over the PA system while I stood in line at the pharmacy. I was tapping my heel along with the beat to keep from breaking out in a full dance and shaking it like a Polaroid picture in the pharmacy line. An old man walked up, cut in front of the family behind me and tried to make conversation by saying, "Boy, this really treads the line between music and noise, huh?" I sneered and scoffed and turned my back on him, so he tried the same opening line on the mother behind me who clearly also did not agree with him but was more polite about it. I don't regret sneering; I only regret that all I did was sneer. I feel as though I have not sufficiently defended my former ringtone's honor.

So just try me again, Old Dude at the Pharmacy, and I will be prepared with some really snappy comeback like, "NO, YOU SOUND LIKE NOISE, OLD MAN!"

srah | 2:33 PM
Tags: music

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