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A few nights ago I had a dream where my friends and I all robbed a bank, and I was the only one who got caught, because the rest of them wore masks or kept their heads down, but the security camera at the bank was positioned just right so that it picked up my face through the getaway car's sunroof. We were all in high school and we just went to class as usual. The school paper had identified me as the person on the security camera, but the cops hadn't come for me yet. I knew that at any moment, they could show up. I just kept going to class as usual.

Robin had graffitied all over the school, "Sarah, could you pick up my homework for me?" but I couldn't figure out which homework she wanted me to pick up. I knew it was important because the graffiti was everywhere, but I didn't know which class she was talking about. Someone said it was probably math, and I said, "Am I even IN a math class?" They said, "If you don't KNOW if you're in a math class, you're probably not doing very well in it." So I went to class. Turned out it WAS math class, and I had gotten a 45% on the last test. The teacher sat down and wanted to talk to me about the different sections of the test. Turned out I lost all those points because there were three parts to the test. You weren't allowed to use negative numbers in the first part, because it was some kind of equation that didn't allow negative numbers. So I got a point off every time I used a negative number, and since this equation was 1/3 of the test, it was a really LONG equation to solve, and I used negative numbers all over it. Then I never even got to the third part because I was working on the other two parts for so long. The teacher seemed to be satisfied by my explanation and told me to pay better attention in the future.

Then the math teacher took us to this marketplace and set us all loose to choose a culture on which we would have to write a report about their relationship to animals. I asked her if I could do New Zealand or Ireland and she didn't like Ireland until I explained that their pagan history included animal-related folklore, and she seemed to accept that. Also in my dream, the Maori had some kind of turtle-based creation myth.

srah - Tuesday, 23 June 2009 - 6:25 PM

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