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Micah did this meme eight million years ago over a month ago and I made a note to myself to do it too. Now I am finally getting around to it.

This is a list of my favorite movies for every year I've been alive. Please note that favoritism is frequently based on entertainment value rather than quality, so I am not trying to say that The Fugitive is better than Schindler's List, but rather that I can (and do) watch The Fugitive, like, five or six times a year and I haven't seen Schindler's List again since I saw it in the theatre. Also, there may be things missing from the list because - like Micah - I consulted Wikipedia's list of years in film rather than trying to do this all from memory.

  1. Airplane! (Yes, this was the year The Empire Strikes Back came out, but I have only recently developed an appreciation for that movie, whereas I have watched Airplane! approximately eight billion times)
  2. The Great Muppet Caper (I can't believe I'm passing over Raiders of the Lost Ark, but TGMC doesn't have melty faces in it.)
  3. Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (I have a feeling if I had seen Tootsie more than once it might edge out DMDWP. Maybe I should watch it again.)
  4. Return of the Jedi
  5. Romancing the Stone (Runner up: Revenge of the Nerds. Not in the running: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, which is terrible.)
  6. Clue
  7. I am not feeling very strongly about any of these, but I guess I'll go with Labyrinth over An American Tail and Little Shop of Horrors. Boo, 1986 in film. You also gave us Lindsay Lohan.
  8. The Princess Bride. This was a big year for war movies, but TPB is more upbeat than Au Revoir Les Enfants or Empire of the Sun.
  9. A Fish Called Wanda, although if you had asked me this in 1988, it would have definitely been Oliver and Company.
  10. Aw geez! I am forced to choose between Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and When Harry Met Sally...? Harrison Ford is much more attractive than Billy Crystal, so... I guess we'll go with Indy. I'm still not happy about having to choose, though.
  11. I'm mostly going with Cyrano de Bergerac because I own the video, whereas I've only seen Edward Scissorhands once.
  12. Beauty and the Beast
  13. Newsies (Also worth mentioning: Noises Off and A League of Their Own)
  14. The Fugitive. I thought about just stopping when I got to F, but I decided to skim through the rest of the list as a courtesy to the other movies. Sucks to be you, Schindler's List.
  15. Ace Ventura, Pet Detective (Honorable mentions: Four Weddings and a Funeral, which was my favorite romantic comedy of the year, but which - despite the lovely lovely John Hannah - I cannot list as my favorite movie of the year because I always fast-forward through any parts with Andie MacDowell; Airheads, which I remember nothing about, except that the main characters - in the hopes of of being declared insane if their bank heist or kidnapping or whatever it was came to trial - made a series of increasingly ridiculous demands, including a football helmet filled with cottage cheese, and naked pictures of Bea Arthur. This has really stuck with me.)
  16. While You Were Sleeping (Clueless, Sabrina and French Kiss all came out in 1995 too! Why couldn't some of them come out in craptastic 1994?)
  17. Emma (which is not on the list, but which I happen to know came out in 1996. Trainspotting is also good, and weirdly enough, has something in common with Emma. Do you know what?)
  18. Con Air. DON'T JUDGE ME!
  19. Mulan (Can't Hardly Wait had it clinched until partway through the alphabet. Also, it doesn't make any sense that I always list Sliding Doors among my top 5 favorite movies and Mulan just beat it. But I do love Mulan.)
  20. Office Space (Runners-up: 10 Things I Hate About You, The Sixth Sense, South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut)
  21. Chicken Run (narrowly beating out Billy Elliot and Snatch)
  22. Amélie (#2: The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra)
  23. Attack of the Clones HA HA! Um... Whale Rider?
  24. Love Actually
  25. Here are four for Glen Coco (you go, Glen Coco!): Mean Girls, Anchorman, Napoleon Dynamite and Shaun of the Dead. I guess if I hafta pick a favorite, I'll go with Napoleon Dynamite. GOSSSSHH.
  26. Unless I missed something, the 2005 movie on the list that I liked most was Guess Who, starring Ashton Kutcher and Bernie Mac. I liked it, but I never thought it would end up on a list of favorites. Really, 2005?
  27. Maybe it's because they're so recent, but 2006 is not inspiring me much, either. I guess... Inside Man?
  28. Lars and the Real Girl
  29. (so far) The Dark Knight

srah - Sunday, 17 August 2008 - 11:41 AM
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Comments (7)

gravatar jamelah - August 17, 2008 - 3:27 PM -

I think you were the one who told me to fast forward through the Andie MacDowell parts in Four Weddings and a Funeral, and you were right because that makes it such a better movie. She is horrible.

Emma & Trainspotting have Ewan MacGregor in common.

gravatar Serene - August 17, 2008 - 5:25 PM -

This was really fun to read, srah! Con Air is a secret guilty pleasure too- for Steven Buscemi and John Malkovich mostly (and maybe the bunny)... As for 2005, I'd go with either "Batman Begins" or "Junebug" maybe?

gravatar Princess Sparklepants - August 17, 2008 - 11:24 PM -

Ha ha... Yeah. Of the movies on here that I have actually seen, I like 'em, and I approve of your taste. I shame-facedly like Con Air too, so there's that. And... it's bugging me that I can clearly remember the year you were born.

gravatar Fraulein N - August 18, 2008 - 2:27 PM -

Yay, Newsies! I can't believe I've actually seen a good chunk of the movies on this list.

gravatar Pants - August 22, 2008 - 2:42 PM -

Fun meme! I will have to do this...

I hadn't seen Conair until a few weeks ago at the gym...was shocked to discovered I liked it!

gravatar allthewine - August 22, 2008 - 11:28 PM -

where'd you get the cartoon version of yourself?

And yes, Lars and the Real Girl was excellent. I can't remember liking another movie last year. That is sad. I usually end up just rewatching the same five.

gravatar srah - August 23, 2008 - 12:12 AM -

The one on Twitter? Here.

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