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Weekend Words

Apparently we are describing our weekends in two-word increments. I don't know why we are doing this, but it is The Internet so I must stop questioning and instead follow blindly. So let it be written, so let it be done!

Dad's birthday
drove north
excessive snowfall
slippery conditions
didn't die
gymnastics meet
hot dog
steak dinner
viewed exhibit
leftover steak
Battlestar Galactica
pickle soup
fell asleep
mix CD
Red Lobster
drove home
changed clocks
Auberge Espagnole

srah - Monday, 10 March 2008 - 8:02 PM
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Comments (5)

gravatar katelin - March 10, 2008 - 9:07 PM -

Sounds like a lovely weekend, besides the excessive snowfall and almost dying, never good.

gravatar tiff - March 11, 2008 - 7:45 AM -

glad you didn't die!

gravatar ashley - March 11, 2008 - 10:29 AM -

What a weird idea. But I agree. Don't question the internet. Ha.

gravatar Fraulein N - March 11, 2008 - 6:27 PM -

I love that you broken it down into days. You little overachiever you. I also didn't die this weekend! I wonder if that's something that's going around the blogosphere.

gravatar srah - March 11, 2008 - 6:30 PM -

Had to do that to keep the days straight!

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