I read this introduction to Battlestar Galactica last night in the hopes of understanding all the hype (since everyone seems to be watching it now, and not just my nerdy very very hip boyfriend). I didn't really understand it any more than I've understood anything else I've seen about the show, but then I had a dream where I was in the show (which I have never watched). First I was in a meeting where everybody there was two different models of Cylons - one that looked like some kind of nasty reptilian beast like from Alien and the other that looked human, except with a bald babydoll head. I think the reptilian beasts were less scary! This meeting erupted into all of the Cylons yelling at each other and arguing so I left.

In the next part of the dream, I was trying to join the resistance against the Cylons, and I got a tip-off about where one of the meetings was going to be, so I went to this hospital and somehow Starbuck (I think), who was a doctor in this hospital, found me wandering in the halls and showed me where the meeting was. We had to run because we weren't supposed to be in that wing and some guy caught us there. We arrived at the meeting, where some black guy was up in front of the room giving a lecture. I told the room, panting after running all over the hospital, that the guy (who was either a Cylon or a spy) was on our tail and everyone was going to have to act normal. They were acting pretty normal anyway, and didn't seem to be plotting anything.

But later in the dream, we were all dressed up in black and on some commando mission to blow something up. I suspected that a Sharon was going to betray us to the Cylons but no one would listen to me because I was the n00b.

srah - Monday, 22 January 2007 - 6:43 AM
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gravatar Amy - January 22, 2007 - 6:44 PM -

BSG is great! But you should start watching from the very beginning, otherwise it wont make much sense.

gravatar Jen - January 22, 2007 - 7:03 PM -

I didn't understand a word of that, but I did have a dream that Rachel Ray was trying to kidnap my dogs. She was pretty snotty about it too!

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