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I dreamt the other night that I took some time off work to go back to Ann Arbor and went to this SI lecture that was held in a trailer, way back in the wilds in some obscure corner of a University of Michigan campus. On the way I crossed a street behind this girl who was talking to her friend about studying abroad. I interrupted them and gave her all kinds of advice and she followed me as I walked toward the lecture, then she was going to have to find her way back to civilization on her own. I went into the trailer and was met by somebody who was there during my time (so it must have been a professor or a doctoral student) who said they were so glad someone actually came who wasn't required to for class. There was a potluck lunch so I dug in. The speaker was a midget version of Borat in brightly colored M.C. Hammer pants, who came from some unidentified African country that wasn't Mozambique (he referred to Mozambique as "The Land of February", whatever that means). I had the impression he was pretty offensive, although I can't remember him actually doing anything offensive.

srah - Monday, 30 October 2006 - 7:35 PM
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