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Joey and Janis' Day of Fun!

Apete and I had a Real Authentic Cincinnati Weekend last weekend. Or at least a Real Authentic Cincinnati Saturday.

First, we went to the Cincinnati Zoo. I hadn't been to the zoo yet and it was very exciting and nice. I've been to the Detroit and Toledo zoos a million times over, but it was nice to see new animals that I've never seen before, like the Takin and the Sumatran Rhinoceros. There's so much to learn about animals! Zoos sometimes make me sad, because the animals are caged up in middle America and being hooted at by humans instead of running around on the prairies and savannas and tundras where they belong, but I also feel like I get a lot out of the experience and that zoos do a lot to protect animals that would run into problems with humans encroaching on their native prairies and savannas and tundras. I suppose it's not an ideal environment for them, but other humans have made their natural homes uninhabitable, so it's a better solution. Now I'm depressed because there's nowhere for the animals to liiiiiiive!

Anyway, the zoo was great and apparently it's the second-oldest zoo in the country and it was a very nice zoo at that.

After we left the zoo, we went to have dinner at another Cincinnati institution: Skyline Chili. We'd been meaning to go there for a couple of apete-trips now, but hadn't made it. It was definitely not what we expected. First of all, Cincinnati chili is nothing like the chili we knew. It's more of just a meat sauce that you can choose to add beans and onions to if you like. And it's served on top of spaghetti. I knew about the spaghetti part, but I was picturing something like Wendy's chili served atop some spaghetti and smothered in cheddar cheese. We were also surprised by the restaurant itself, as we were expecting a fast-food style restaurant with a counter and it turned out to be a sit-down fast-food with waiters, more in the style of Steak and Shake. Anyway, it got apete and srah's seal of approval and we plan to return and try different things on the menu.

After Skyline, we went just down the street to Graeter's, a local ice cream institution. They have all kinds of special processes so the ice cream is denser and heavier than normal. It was good. We also really liked all the lovely cakes and pastries and sodas that they had to offer. It felt like a real soda counter and apete felt like we should be sitting at the counter, sharing a strawberry phosphate and saying things like "Ye gods!" and "Great honk!"¹.

A trip to Cincinnati would not be complete without sighting an iced angel food cake in the case at Graeter's. Nothing says southwestern Ohio like Frosting In Places Where There Should Be No Frosting!

¹ What, you don't have the catchphrases of minor characters from The Music Man memorized? What kind of nerd are you, anyway?

srah - Saturday, 13 May 2006 - 7:53 AM
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Comments (4)

gravatar Jane - May 13, 2006 - 9:14 PM -

I go to Cinnci about twice a year for business, I will have to look up Graeters.

gravatar Allison - May 20, 2006 - 1:39 PM -

No fairs!! I'm going to guess that you were in Clifton which is the only place I know of in Cincinnati where Graeters and Skyline exist within walking distance of each other, and because the zoo is close by. And, I'm going to sidestep reality here and claim that visiting Clifton counts as an authentic Cincinnati visit, in which case I take dibs on being teh first to show you around!

Ka-ching, baby!

gravatar srah - May 20, 2006 - 1:44 PM -

No, it was Colerain, which technically probably isn't Cincinnati, but since we were eating Skyline and Graeter's it counts. SO THERE!

Yes, you were my first!

gravatar Ludi - June 7, 2006 - 9:08 PM -

30 of my 50 pounds of over weight is due to Graeter's Ice Cream. In my extimation the best ice cream I've had. For special occasions and gifts I have it sent FedEx to Maine where I now live (6 pints for $70, shipping included). Sky Line coneys and 5 ways, now your talking. Throw in 20 or so Little King Cream Ales and I'm back in SW Ohio!

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