Reason #45934 Why I Should Be Locked In My House And Not Allowed Out

Snyder of Berlin Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar Potato Chips are the best salt and vinegar chips I've ever had.

But I may just think that because I'm being disgusting and licking the salt and vinegar off before eating them.

At work.

srah - Tuesday, 12 July 2005 - 4:28 PM

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gravatar somewhat - July 13, 2005 - 1:34 PM -

I had a cat that used to do that. It's cute behaviour in a cat, but...

gravatar srah - July 13, 2005 - 1:44 PM -

Between chips/crisps and M&Ms, I should never be allowed to eat in public. I think I'm just a fidgety, nibbly, disgusting person!

gravatar Sylvie - July 13, 2005 - 9:36 PM -

what do you do to your m&ms?

gravatar srah - July 14, 2005 - 1:05 AM -

Clickense der linkense for to find out.

gravatar Cheryl - July 14, 2005 - 8:20 AM -

Robin and Harini (and maybe you) make fun of me because I like to eat my food (e.g. tortilla chips and M&Ms) by color. So when we go to Ashley's, they hurry to eat the yellow ones so I'm forced to eat the blue ones!

It's not that I don't like the blues, or that I think they taste different than the yellow ones. I just like sorting.

gravatar Jamie - July 19, 2005 - 3:23 PM -

It's like a never-ending topic for my family that I just have strange eating behaviours. I rearrange my food on my plate just so I eat everything in the right amount and order, so that when I'm nearly done I have saved just about the right and best bit of my food for last.

Eating peanuts with a nice salty crust around them is another thing. How can I first eat the peanut and then have the crust? It works, but it's best done without an audience.

gravatar srah - July 19, 2005 - 3:44 PM -

Hooray! There are other freaks like me out there! I agree with the arranging and eating things in the proper order!

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