I told myself that after Memorial Day, I would let up on my hardcore country-wide search for career-related study abroad advising jobs and start just looking for jobs. To earn money.

Instead, after Memorial Day, I let up on the hardcore search and didn't look for anything at all and just played The Sims all day. And I couldn't blog because I didn't do anything but play The Sims all day.

I had a phone interview a week and a half ago. It's a great fit and I kind of have my heart set on it, so that hasn't encouraged me to apply for other jobs either. The job's mine! Why do I need to apply for others when I'm just waiting for them to call me and invite me for a campus interview and the other rigamarole before handing me the job on a platter? Alas, they said they'd call in the two weeks following the interview and there are only four days left. I'm starting to lose hope.

So... that's what I'm up to and that's why there aren't any freaking entries on the main page of my blog!


I applied for a job job today, so maybe I'm back on track.

srah - Tuesday, 14 June 2005 - 3:05 PM

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gravatar Not Your MOM - June 14, 2005 - 5:53 PM -

Good luck on that job you really want. I just KNOW they will call tomorrow. I'm psychic about stuff like that. :-)

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