Duck-duck! *goose*

I sometimes wish that my pockets were constantly full of corn.

How often do you hear someone say that? When I see ducks waddling around, I want to express my love for them in some way. Oh ducks! So cute and waddly in the wild and plump and delicious in an orange sauce! There is something about the sight of a duck that just makes me feel all happy and squishy inside.

If I carried my camera around with me everywhere I went, my Flickr photostream would be full of duck photos. You're lucky I don't.

No pockets of corn, no cameras to capture little ducky souls with. Instead I just stand for a while in front of them, appreciating and quacking and attempting to commune. Thanks for existing, ducks.

srah - Thursday, 12 May 2005 - 9:05 AM

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Comments (6)

gravatar alfie - May 12, 2005 - 3:06 PM -

You are a very weird person.

gravatar J - May 12, 2005 - 3:32 PM -

If you ever inexplicably find yourself in Tucson, hit the zoo. They're sort of infested with ducks. So you're walking around seeing the animals, and there are dozens of ducks walking on the path with you.

gravatar jamelah - May 13, 2005 - 6:54 AM -

They used to have duck crossing signs in front of city hall here, and maybe they still have them, but I don't pay attention. Speaking of not paying attention, I think Flickr has become like crack to me, because now I'm constantly thinking of things I should be taking pictures of instead of concentrating on tasks at hand, like, oh, driving, for instance.

gravatar Cheryl - May 13, 2005 - 10:52 AM -

I feed corn to the monkeys.

gravatar srah - May 13, 2005 - 11:19 AM -

Are you bragging? We all want to feed corn to monkeys! Some of us aren't as fortunate as you!

gravatar lia - May 14, 2005 - 3:43 PM -

I really like ducks too, they are family after all ;)
I once looked after one, the mum had sort of abandoned it and it was almost dead, kept it until the bath wasn't big enough anymore for it to have fun.

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