Holiday Download Extravaganza: T is for Twisted Sister!

I couldn't have timed it better if I had done it on purpose, which I didn't. Here I am, cramming for the final in my programming class - the last assignment between me and freedom... from that class anyway.

You know what will be true, as of 5pm tomorrow? I'm not going to be taking that class anymore. I'm not going to take it. I'm not going to take it. I'm not going to take it anymore.

Twisted Sister - We're Not Gonna Take It

srah - Tuesday, 7 December 2004 - 1:27 AM

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Comments (2)

gravatar alfie - December 7, 2004 - 1:32 AM -

Aw. I AM twisted!

gravatar Justin - December 7, 2004 - 11:06 PM -

Best. Segue. Ever.

(Not to be confused with Best. Segway. Ever. 'Coz there is no such thing.)

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