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Obfuscation 2: Electric Boogaloo

It's Obfuscation Time again! Prepared to be fooled, and hopefully more successfully than last year!

The Game:
On Friday, August 13 you’ll post 3 stories.

  • Two false and one true or
  • Two true and one false

    Readers have to pick the false story(ies), leaving their guess in the comments. (Make sure you let them know which version of the game you’re playing.)

    On Monday, Ausgut 16 you’ll post the correct response.

    The stories can be as crazy as you want them to be. But you want to make them all believable enough that the reader has to give the game a little thought.
  • Here are my posts from last year's game: stories and solutions. I'll be in England the weekend of this year's game, but perhaps my host will be kind enough to let me publish my questions from his computer if I prepare them in advance.

    *bats eyelashes*

    srah - Monday, 2 August 2004 - 5:50 PM

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    Comments (2)

    gravatar Jez - August 3, 2004 - 5:32 AM -

    Maybe he will. If you're VEEEERY lucky!

    gravatar Jez - August 5, 2004 - 10:03 AM -

    Well if you're going to bat your eyelashes, I'll just have to melt and acquiesce to your every whim.

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