Out, cursèd musicians!

The latest guests at the abbey are a group of musicians who will be playing concerts here for the next month or so. Being musicians, they seem to feel the need to practice. And feeling the need to practice, they seem to want a space to do it in.

Our room is the only bedroom that is not on the second floor. As it is not on the second floor, it is easy to understand that it might not immediately be recognized as a bedroom. We have been annoyed, therefore, over the past two days, by musicians searching out practice spaces and being surprised to find beds in such a perfect one.

I went to the room to change my pants today before we went to the supermarket. I was deciding which pair to put on, when I heard the door open. I figured it was Becky or Caroline, but I looked up and there was a girl standing there, looking like she wondered what I was doing there. For my part, I was just glad I hadn't taken my pants off yet!

As of about 30 seconds after this, there is now a sign on our door that says "Private - do not enter/ Privé - defense d'entrer." Stay out, you pervy musicians, you!

srah - Monday, 5 July 2004 - 1:25 PM

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Comments (2)

gravatar Cheryl - July 6, 2004 - 10:22 PM -

At first, I read that as "charge my pants"

gravatar Mommy - July 7, 2004 - 7:40 AM -

At least it was a girl musician and you still had your pants on.

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