'On me mettra dans un grand trou...'

Going to Paris this weekend to take more advantage of the soldes and see some sights. Want to recommend anywhere to buy cheap-yet-lovely clothing or cheap-yet-lovely English books?

Hopefully I'll finally visit Serge on this trip, as I've meant to do for years!

srah - Friday, 2 July 2004 - 6:36 AM

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gravatar Jez - July 2, 2004 - 5:50 PM -

Clothes: Monoprix (not that cheap, but as this is the only place I ever bought clothes, I can't recommend anywhere else).

Books: The appallingly-named Tea & Tattered Pages has an exceptionally rude old woman who will sneer at your poor taste in literature - whatever you buy.

I presume you know about Shakespeare & Co. already.

The owners and staff of both these establishments are, however, unbearably snobbish and self-regarding. The withering looks I used to get for buying dog-eared old thrillers, instead of the exorbitantly-priced new literary fiction had to be seen to be believed. The more Bohemian-than-thou George Whitman really needs to learn some manners. Although I suspect he may be a little too long in the tooth to do so.

Shakespeare & Co. certainly is enjoyable to browse in, though, and certainly has the right rambling, rickety old bookstore look and ambience about it.

But I preferred The San Francisco Book Co., whose staff were always unfailingly polite and helpful.

Have a good time! Say hi to Serge and Oscar Wilde for me!

gravatar srah - July 4, 2004 - 3:05 PM -

No Serge! No English books bought!

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