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Tuesday is Chooseday

Would you rather:

  1. hear somebody breaking into your house and all you have is a bat OR an unloaded gun?
    My arms aren't very strong and anyone threatening me could look at me and know that. They wouldn't know if there were bullets in the gun, though...

  2. walk barefoot over 6 feet of roaches OR 6 feet of thumbtacks?
    Gross. But still better than Ouch.

  3. after playing a game of beach volleyball for over an hour, have only a pitcher of milk to refresh you OR a pot of fresh-brewed coffee?
    I don't like milk or coffee, but I guess the milk would be cold and easier to swallow down.

  4. at a neighbor's party, be caught picking food out of the trash and eating it OR going through their dirty laundry and sniffing it?
    "I was just... um... looking for a clean shirt... because I need to change mine. I have a nosebleed..." *turns around and punches self in the nose* "See?"

srah - Tuesday, 22 June 2004 - 9:54 AM

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Comments (17)

gravatar Smuj - June 22, 2004 - 10:52 AM -

Don't look now, but I am the master of the h_ge f__m r_bber m__i he_d. :-)

gravatar srah - June 22, 2004 - 10:55 AM -


(About huge foam rubber Moai heads)

gravatar mikeh - June 22, 2004 - 1:33 PM -

can't an unloaded gun become a loaded gun without too much trouble? :)

gravatar MaTT - June 22, 2004 - 4:02 PM -

1) unloaded gun would probably be better b/c most likely the burglar would have a gun too, and i'd look worse off with a bat...
2) cockroaches wouldn't be bad -- how big are they? are they angry cockroaches?
3) milk is definitly better than coffee (in almost all situations)
4) depends on what kind of dirty clothing it was, altho that has to be better than eating garbage... unless the food was still stuck to the plate and no other food was on top of it... ;)

gravatar Cheryl - June 23, 2004 - 6:30 PM -

Nice picture. What's that from? I feel like I've seen it...although I guess that's very possible.

gravatar srah - June 24, 2004 - 5:01 AM -

No idea! I got it from the website.

gravatar MaTT - June 24, 2004 - 3:27 PM -

I thought Cheryl meant your thumb-to-the-nose photo in the upper left...

gravatar Male Enhancement - June 24, 2004 - 4:53 PM -

1. Definately a bat, more likely that a burgalr will shoot if they see that you are pointing a gun at him...
2. Yeah definately roaches...
3. Yeah milk for sure. I love it "does a body good"
4. Nasty either way...probably the clothes....


gravatar srah - June 24, 2004 - 5:48 PM -

God damn comment spam is now answering my memes. What the hell do I do now? Do I delete it? It's almost like a real comment!


gravatar Cheryl - June 24, 2004 - 6:16 PM -

I did mean that picture in the corner...she's so silly sometimes. Or be-drunken. That's a new word. Feel free to use it. It's not all that clever anyway....

gravatar Jez - June 24, 2004 - 8:26 PM -

For the comment spam, I'd leave the comment and delete the URL, so the spammer doesn't get the googlejuice they're looking for.

gravatar MaTT - June 24, 2004 - 11:45 PM -

Wow, comment spam? that's pretty amazing if it's a bot doing it (or is it just some person with lots of time on their hands?)

gravatar srah - June 25, 2004 - 9:53 AM -

Anyway, the picture is from Polly's wedding. And I am wearing Mike's Reference Librarian badge. And I had had a couple of glasses of champagne.

gravatar Jez - June 25, 2004 - 10:28 AM -

Champagne seems to be the tipple of choice chez Srah. I'd better start saving up for all that Mot & Chandon you'll be ordering when I get down there.

gravatar srah - June 25, 2004 - 10:31 AM -

It's just what gets me drunkest!

... so you'd better not!

gravatar alfie - June 25, 2004 - 5:45 PM -

And to think, you mock Andrew WK for the brick thing.

gravatar alfie - June 25, 2004 - 5:46 PM -

Am I going to have to blog about HFRMHs again just to knock Smuj out of the running?

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