'Timid and shy and scared are you of things beyond your ken'

Well, I'm here. I sort of have a room to myself, it seems, although there are actually three rooms connected and everyone in the other two rooms has to walk through mine to get to theirs. My room is in the part of the abbey that was a museum at one time, and as a result there are three glass display cases within my view right now. I should get some shrunken heads to put in them.

Another intern has shown me around a bit, so that I know the general area of where the shower is, but not which specific door to look behind. But then again, I also know that I forgot to pack soap OR a towel, so I will have to be creative with the washing and drying of myself until I am able to get to a store.

I know that there are refrigerators for us to store food in, but I also know that the only grocery store I have found closed as I was walking past it, so if I want to eat dinner tonight, it will probably be a solitary caf meal.

I have met people, but I am too sleep-deprived to remember names and faces together, except those of the IT guy, who told me he could get me on the network "probably tomorrow night or something." I am homesick and emotionally fragile and I want to blog! Tomorrow night is a million years away!

I have no sheets on my bed. Was I supposed to bring sheets? Who do I ask about sheets? Shall I just sleep on top of the duvet, like I did for my nap? Then all of the traffic flowing through my room will be able to see me! I kind of just don't want to deal with finding sheets right now, though.

I'm just outside of my comfort zone right now. I'm far away from home and confused and disconnected and exhausted. I'm sure it will work itself out soon, but in the meantime, I am hungry and dirty and lonely and tired and rather tear-moistened.

srah - Monday, 7 June 2004 - 11:20 AM

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gravatar jday - June 10, 2004 - 2:02 PM -

Is the title from Sound of Music?

gravatar alfie - June 11, 2004 - 9:54 PM -


gravatar katie - August 25, 2004 - 9:14 PM -

Don't cry! At least you're not about to be inundated with 1200 children!

(I'm going to comment as if I'm reading these back when you wrote them.)

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