'You kids are soft! You lack discipline!'

I just wanted all of you to know that I'm really knuckling down and getting into Full-On Study Mode for finals. I even made up a strict schedule for myself, so that I would know, at every minute of the waking day, where I am supposed to be and what I am supposed to be doing.

Ha ha!

And this worked for almost six hours, which really impressed me! Then I had to eat ice cream and watch Labyrinth with Rachel and Mr B------. But it was perfectly justifiable because we... uh... we... found lots of examples of 503 terms at Stucchi's and in the movie.


See, like, Sarah couldn't find her way to the Goblin King's castle because there was no navigational residue at the entrance, so she could go very deep down one path and would have to go back up the stack to go back to the original level and try a broader search and...

Okay, no, I'm just a slacker.

srah - Sunday, 18 April 2004 - 1:25 AM

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gravatar lee - April 18, 2004 - 8:42 AM -

Labyrinth is one of my top ten movies of all time.

gravatar mommy - April 18, 2004 - 10:47 AM -

Oh, Sarah. We still love you despite your slacker ways.

gravatar katie - April 18, 2004 - 3:11 PM -



gravatar srah - April 18, 2004 - 3:35 PM -

Ewwwwwwwwww. *wiggles fingers in disgust*

gravatar katie - April 18, 2004 - 4:06 PM -

I'm bound to refer us all back to these comments, which crack me up EVERY time I read them.

gravatar Nick - April 18, 2004 - 4:28 PM -

I was good for nearly three hours before I went and sat in the sun. I'm about to start being good again but obviously not yet...

gravatar april - April 18, 2004 - 10:50 PM -

it seems a lot of us made schedules that we were really 'going to stick with..." i'm supposed to be halfway done with a huge paper and done with half of 503. riiiiight. i'm almost done with berrypicking. that's all. ice cream sounds good. that'll be in the schedule tomorrow...

gravatar Justin - April 18, 2004 - 11:07 PM -

I just added Labyrinth to my DVD collection. And The Dark Crystal. And the first 3 Muppet movies. God, I'm a dork.

gravatar srah - April 19, 2004 - 12:33 AM -

It's like an SI party all up in my comments!

gravatar Urs - April 19, 2004 - 9:58 AM -

berrypicking and ice cream??? Makes me long for this great soft-serve place in Stevens Point...... when the strawberries were ripe, they would ahve fresh ones there ::mmmm:: a brownie flurry with fresh strawberries was almost as good as sex, but colder :]

gravatar srah - April 19, 2004 - 10:18 AM -

Like sex with a penguin?

gravatar Smuj - April 19, 2004 - 11:23 AM -


(I was thinking yeti.)

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