Information professionalism at work? Or what?

I was actually useful today!

My supervisor, his assistant and another person here at my internship were having a discussion about certain documents on the website and they called me in. Filenames for most of their documents start with the date they were created. They wanted to significantly change the most popular page on the site and were arguing over whether they should create a new file with today's date and put in a redirection page, so that people would know that the page had been modified, or whether they should just write over the existing file.

They turned to me. I panicked. I scrambled through my head for some kind of rules I had learned at SI and suggested, nervously, that they replace the existing file with the newer version and make a note at the top of the page so that if visitors had been there before, they would know when the original page had been created and when the page had been changed*.

They thought this was a great idea!

It did not seem that difficult to me!

It seemed like the most logical thing to do in this situation. Is this because I have an SI education? Archives/library experience? Is it because that's what we do at the Overseas Opportunities Office?

I dunno. It made sense at the time. I am happy to contribute.

* No, mom and other archivists, they do not keep old versions of pages on the site, although they do back them up on disk somewhere.

srah - Monday, 23 February 2004 - 5:06 PM

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Comments (2)

gravatar Urs - February 23, 2004 - 5:40 PM -

I like the note to moms and archivists....

gravatar katie - February 23, 2004 - 8:42 PM -

I like that even in our nation's capital, people in supervisory and management positions seem as totally clueless to the obvious as they are in Vermont.

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