I relish the thought!

(srah): i want polly to hurry up and read her email
(Mr B------): call her!
(srah): and take the throne that is rightly hers
(srah): no
(srah): that would be gay
(srah): and by 'gay' i don't mean any connection to homosexuality, nor to suggest that being a homosexual is totally lame.
(srah): and by lame, i don't mean any connection to disabled people, nor to suggest that being disabled is teh suck
(srah): and by suck, i don't mean literally suck but rather the figurative meaning

In this politically correct world of ours (or mine, anyway), there are no insults left. Since I can't say "retarded" for fear of offending the mentally handicapped, I'm going to start referring to everything I don't like as "mustarded".

srah - Wednesday, 7 January 2004 - 4:59 PM

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gravatar katie - January 8, 2004 - 9:12 AM -

This is funny because last night I was watching the episode of Seinfeld where he accidentally insults the Native American woman and then a Chinese guy, and thus spends the rest of the episode attempting to be politically correct.

gravatar kitoh - January 8, 2004 - 7:10 PM -

So I randomly typed in "blah" to google and found this. Which is very well put together and quite amusing. For instance I heartily enjoyed a good chuckle over this post and I think I'll use it for my new away message.

gravatar Bob - January 11, 2004 - 7:28 PM -

This is a very nice site. Entertaining, updated often, and (the kicker) I support anyone who shares in my desire to be able to say "Gay" and "Retarded" without fear of starting an arguement. Its a very sad state of affairs nowadays...very Mustarded!

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