Skirt +2

I wore a skirt for my presentation today. I was considered quite SEXXXY* by all who encountered me. But not S-E-X-X-Y, because that would be something altogether different.

Wearing a skirt gave me magical powers, apparently. It was my maaagic skirt, to paraphrase Forrest Gump. I felt like I was dressed up and therefore must know what I was talking about. Either that or I was so sick of rehearsing that I wanted it to be over with. A little bit of both.

I was perfectly ready to go for the first hour and 45 minutes of class, then I froze up when it was time for me to go. My palms were sweaty and there was vomit on my sweater: Mom's spaghetti.

Wait, no, that's Eminem. Ignore that vomit part, then. Just the sopping-wet palms. I spent the previous group's question-and-answer part trying to mop them off with my skirt and scarf, then Mah 501 Group Mate and I took our place up front.

I stammered and sped through the presentation, my voice wavering. I fixed on one person in the back of the room and presented the whole thing to him, forgetting to look at the teachers. And yet somehow, no one seemed to notice this! People kept telling me what a good job I'd done. At first, I thought they were humouring me because they'd heard my trembly voice and were afraid I was going to cry. But so many people have complimented me now, I'm beginning to think I might have actually done a good job.

Three cheers for srah, Public Speaker Extraordinaire!

* All caps and three Xs, Young Matthew and Mr B------!

srah - Tuesday, 9 December 2003 - 7:48 PM
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Comments (9)

gravatar Mr B------ - December 9, 2003 - 8:20 PM -

It's nice to see you took my advice :D

You should wear skirts to all your stressful occasions. Now, who -did- you fix your attention on? Was it Everett?

gravatar srah - December 9, 2003 - 8:23 PM -

Jonathan B. He was in my line of sight and had a baseball cap that attracted my attention for some reason.

gravatar brandhast - December 9, 2003 - 8:40 PM -

I can attest that you did do a very good job. Congratulations!

gravatar eston - December 9, 2003 - 8:45 PM -

I am extremely sorry but you totally lost me with that entry.

gravatar katie - December 9, 2003 - 10:37 PM -

Hmm. This explains it. I was wondering where all the extra precipitation was coming from...


gravatar kate - December 10, 2003 - 1:08 PM -

Hey! You're group mate was Eric from I used to work with him. He seems really nice.

gravatar yer501groupmate - December 10, 2003 - 1:26 PM -

kate, hey! how's things?

[now is the point where the disney all-cute-orphan chorus kicks in with "it's a small world"]

gravatar Keith - December 10, 2003 - 4:58 PM -

Now, why the hell did you choose web based?!

gravatar blahblah - December 15, 2003 - 11:05 AM -


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