Whoop de whoop de sheller de vere

When we were young, my sister and I were always embarassed by the way our mother could start up conversations with anyone anywhere. She would run into friends in the middle of the street and talk for hours or tell the supermarket cashier about what Becky and I were doing in school.

It's inevitable: I'm becoming my mother. Yesterday I went to Einstein Bros. Bagels and a guy was sitting at a table in an Albion hat. Normally, I would leave people alone in this situation, but I felt I had to go bother him.

I was tempted to just go up to him and exclaim, "Io Triumphe!" (the college yell), but I realized that I would probably throw up on and run away from anyone who did that to me. Another super line would have been, "Hey... Liberal Arts at Work?"

So I went up to him, asked him if he went to Albion and when he graduated, and we had the kind of strange awkward conversation that you have with someone you have nothing in common with except for two years of overlap on the same campus.

srah - Thursday, 16 October 2003 - 1:04 PM

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gravatar jday - October 16, 2003 - 4:13 PM -

Ooh, ooh, what was his name?

gravatar srah - October 16, 2003 - 5:08 PM -

Dunno. 2000 graduate who took a French class his senior year and is now at the U-M Law School. Wears glasses.

That narrow it down at all????

gravatar Anonymous - October 16, 2003 - 10:24 PM -

I'm thrilled that you are turning into me. And you are right is inevitable. Does that mean you are really turning into Grandma?

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