Enter the Cheryl

I would like to announce that our friend Cheryl is going to be guest-blogging with us this week. Cheryl is an Ann Arborite in the diaspora and enjoys rodents, violent sports, throwing snowballs into people's houses, and never ever being forgiven for having thrown a snowball into people's houses. Introduce yourself to the nice folkses, m'dear, and let us know what's snew in your life.

I hope you will all make Cheryl very welcome during her visit. Please refrain from throwing fruit. Snowballs, on the other hand, are welcomed.

srah - Thursday, 4 September 2003 - 3:54 PM

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Comments (5)

gravatar katie - September 4, 2003 - 7:16 PM -

"...for having thrown a snowball into people's houses."

How can you throw one snowball into multiple houses? That takes talent. I am duely impressed.

gravatar srah - September 4, 2003 - 8:08 PM -

Shup, you. There was no good way to phrase it. And don't go suggesting some now. Where were you when I needed you, other personality?

gravatar katie - September 5, 2003 - 8:37 AM -

Heh heh. Forbidding things just makes them more alluring...

"...for having thrown snowballs into people's houses."

Exchange a letter, remove a space, add italics. Amazing!

gravatar Cheryl - September 5, 2003 - 4:08 PM -

Tis almost the snowy season! Violent sports? Are you referring to Kick the Srah?

gravatar srah - September 6, 2003 - 9:45 AM -

I meant hockey. But the other one works, too.

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