The Tuesday This-or-That?

1. Lemonade or Ice Cold Beer?
Beer is heinous. Beer tastes like sweat.

2. Swimming pool or beach?
Beach, I guess. You can go for walks, fully clothed. They usually make you wear a swimsuit at the swimming pool.

3. Long weekends here & there, or a 2-week vacation?
If I have no money, long weekends. If I have money, a two-week vacation in some far-off foreign land.

4. Destination: Acapulco or Hawaii?
Acapulco, but I'd sneak out of the resorts, off into Real Mexico.

5. Destination: Mountains or Beach?
Mountains. I miss mountains, and no one expects you to wear a swimsuit. I think I have issues.

6. Hotel/motel/B&B or camping?
Ha! Ha ha ha ha ha! If you had been chez Katie recently, you would know the answer to that. Fiends! Bugs, heat, and dirt begone! I'll go to a B&B and eat scones!

7. Carefully planned vacation, or play it by ear?
There are things to be said for both. I guess I'd go for carefully planned, but with flexibility.

8. Sneakers or sandals?
Sneakers, because my feet fall out of sandals and I get fixated on the hair on my toes and start feeling like a hobbit. When it gets hot, though, I guess I'd rather sweat in sandals. This is an entirely disgusting and embarrassing answer. Let's just pretend I don't have feet at all.

9. Air-conditioning or fans?
Air-conditioning is usually excessive, but fans blow around too much. I'll go with a/c set on 'low' and me at the other end of the house.

10. Concerts in the park or baseball games?
How about going to the dentist or baseball games? Concerts in the park.

srah - Tuesday, 1 July 2003 - 9:13 AM
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Comments (4)

gravatar katie - July 1, 2003 - 9:49 AM -

I'm telling you, camping's not that bad, honest! ;)

gravatar Jez - July 1, 2003 - 9:56 AM -

You have obviously never had proper beer. Budweiser and Kronenbourg are awful. Hoegaarden and inumerable other beers are good.

Mmmmmmm. Beer.

Sandals should be illegal.

gravatar srah - July 1, 2003 - 10:53 AM -

Okay, good beer doesn't taste like sweat. Good beer tastes bad in other ways.

gravatar katie - July 1, 2003 - 11:18 AM -

All beer is yucky. It tastes all fermenty.

Sandals are God's gift to me, personally. They are both comfortable and fashionable. I own MANY pairs. Wintertime is a bummer because you can't wear sandals.

Camping is wonderful. Nyah nyah.

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