srah's Art Fair recap

I went to Art Fair this morning with Robin, and I think I may have actually gotten a tan. Yes, I can definitely see a bit of color there...

Oh wait, no. That was dirt. I am as white as ever. Never mind.

There is an astonishing amount of child labor at the Art Fair. It's summer, so I suppose the parents can't leave them at home, and Cute Sells, so there they are, hawking their lemonade and butterfly fries while the grown-ups cook them.

My dad and I bought some sweet potato butterfly fries last night, and although they were rather tasty, a nice pool of grease collected at the bottom of the plate. The man behind us in line asked the twelve-year-old vendor if there was any way he could get some cheese on them things. The TYOV told him no, although there was a vat o' cheese right behind him for some other food. I think it just didn't occur to the TYOV that cheese from one food could be applied to another, but I like to think that he was denying the man the right to be disgusting. You go, young person!

srah - Friday, 18 July 2003 - 3:53 PM

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Comments (6)

gravatar Jez - July 18, 2003 - 5:21 PM -

I have a tan! Yeehoo!

gravatar katie - July 18, 2003 - 10:22 PM -

Why didn't the disgusting guy just wait for the grease to congeal? That's really all cheese is anyway. Sorta. Um, nevermind.

I have a sortof tan. After camping for a week, I will be very tan, and happy. You need to go camping and get out in the sun and be less white. ;)

gravatar Dan Cock - July 19, 2003 - 3:33 PM -

I have a friend who frequently adds "queso" to a variety of foods, such as: fried mushrooms already dipped in ranch, french fries also covered in ranch and bacon, fries slathered in butter, or just eating the cheese off of pizza. At a mexican restaurant he once ordered the family-size pot of cheese and ate it more or less without accompaniment.

I make sure that I inform him of his disgustingness. He already knows, though.

gravatar EV - July 20, 2003 - 6:59 PM -

I feel I need to go make sweet potato fries right this very second. And they are, in fact, supremely excellent with ranch dressing.

gravatar Cheryl - July 21, 2003 - 12:49 PM -

Sarah, when I went to the art fair I got some color. More!

gravatar srah - July 21, 2003 - 1:02 PM -

I'm getting a new Cheryl; this one is broken.

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