My life, or lack thereof

Uh-oh Oreos are the devil. They have shaken the base of my existence. Or something.

My mom bought a pack and my first thought was that they tasted just like regular Oreos. My second thought was that they tasted just like E.L. Fudge. Now I'm all confused. Which do they taste like? Do all three taste the same? Why, then, do I like regular Oreos, but not E.L. Fudge? Is it because I'm a racist and don't like white cookies? Do I like these Uh-Oh Oreos or not?

My life is so sad.

srah - Tuesday, 3 June 2003 - 9:56 AM

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gravatar katie - June 3, 2003 - 11:15 AM -

The uh-oh's look silly. I want traditional oreos that make you look like a toothless maniac if you eat enough of the black cookie part.

gravatar Cheryl - June 3, 2003 - 12:15 PM -

Yeah, they're really messing too much with Oreos. LEAVE 'EM ALONE! I don't like EL Fudge, either. There's something weird about the funde filling.

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