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More on today's footwear

Most normal people with sort of scrubby-looking, leaky shoes would get rid of them, rather than thinking to themselves, These are really great shoes! You can't get rid of shoes like this! I just can't wear them when it rains!

Then again, I'm not most people, and I'm certainly not normal.

Unfortunately, I find myself back in Michigan surrounded by people who are relatively normal and who would probably insist that I débarrass myself of them if they knew I was wearing leaky shoes. Relatively normal, or at least pretending to be so. I wouldn't hang out with anyone who was completely normal. That wouldn't be any fun.

So anyway, these are great shoes despite their leakiness, and you will have to pry them off my cold, dead feet to get me to take them off.

srah - Friday, 23 May 2003 - 2:02 PM

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