Multi-language question

I'm not quite sure that I understand how this is supposed to work, but I will answer the damned question. In German.

Multi Language QuestionWelchen Beruf wollten Sie ausüben als Sie ein Kind waren ? Üben Sie ihn jetzt aus ? Wieso nicht ?

At one point, I'm sure I wanted to be a princess. I am not a princess because I was not born one and because I have not yet ensnared a prince. I remember wanting to be a scientist, because it sounded smart. Later, I worked on my elementary school newspaper (The Mitchell Talks News... envisioned but not named by yours truly) and decided I wanted to be a journalist. Then I worked at the public library and decided I wanted to be a librarian. Then I worked in the Albion College archives and decided I never wanted to work in a library again. Then I worked in some more libraries, and now I want to make web pages and be paid for it. The End.

srah - Tuesday, 15 April 2003 - 10:30 AM
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