Good morning!

Went out faising la fête with a mess of opticians last night. Opticians like cookies and Reese's cups, if you are ever interested in buying their affections. They also like to drink alcohol and then speak English... or just drink alcohol. Or just speak English. Would you like some pâté? But of course! And I would like some carrots also! I give you some wine. Yes, I want some wine! We went to Aurélie's for the apéro, out to dinner, to the Fous du Roy, and finally ended up at Le Loft, a newish night club with an excessive number of 40-year-old men. Srah had Malibu-and-pineapple-juice, vin rosé, Malibu-and-pineapple-juice, and whisky-and-orange-juice. Sylvie confirmed my suspicion that men are more aggressive in Vichy than they were in Grenoble, and we had a nice little discussion about France/USA relations, then the club closed and I went to bed at about 4:30am.

Why am I awake and blogging now???? I can't decide if I am drunk or exhausted. Probably a little bit of both. At least I am not as hungover and seriously fucked up as a certain English-babbling Norman(d). Good morning. Good night. How can a girl get a cup of tea in this place?

srah - Friday, 18 April 2003 - 5:33 AM

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