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Tuesday This-or-That?

1. Soup or salad? Zuppe, per favore. Or something to that effect. I wish I actually spoke Italian. I can eat soup as a meal.
2. Hot or cold sandwiches? I like me a good tuna salad sandwich, but I also like grilled cheese. Generally cold, but there are a few hot ones I like.
3. White or whole wheat bread (or rye, etc)? I shouldn't, because
it's not good for me, but I prefer white because it's such a lovely golden
color when it's toasted. Mmmm, toast. 4. Pack a lunch for work/school, or buy it? There ain't no packin' lunches here. You eat what the self serves and you like it, pilgrim. When I live at home, though, my mummy packs my lunch.
5. If you eat chain, or mom & pop type place? Depends on how much time I have. There are some things to be said for speedy service and payment up front.
6. Tuna or chicken salad? Already answered. Tuna with mayonnaise, carrots and peas.
7. Cheese: Swiss or cheddar (or American, etc)? WHAT? What kind of options are those? I choose Cantal, Bleu d'Auvergne, and Colby Jack. How's that for variety?
8. Mustard or mayo? Do not befoul my blog with such questions! Mustard is always the winner.
9. Sandwiches: wrap/pita pocket, or regular bread/roll? Whichever's the least messy, given the fillings.
10. Sweet stuff: cookie/cake or fresh fruit? Cookies, cake, AND fresh fruit.

Srah has just noticed that she doesn't know today's date and has done
last week's TTOT answers. Those responsible will be sacked, and the credits
will be redone at the last minute and at great expense. Ho hum.

srah - Tuesday, 11 March 2003 - 6:38 AM
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