Participation Positives

I've never done this, but the Monday Mission hasn't been posted yet and I felt my blog needed something positive for once. So here I am, looking on the bright side of life on this bright, shiny Monday.

  • I work in Vichy, not Paris. I complain a lot and claim my students can be "aggressive", but I haven't been attacked with a knife or had to put up with any of the other things I've heard from my fellow teachers' Paris experiences.
  • It is the 24th of the month and I still have money in my account. I am not having the end-of-the-month panic that I had in November through January. Thank you, CAF.
  • My family is healthy, as far as I know.
  • My mom, in particular, is adorable. If I had my own computer, this would be my wallpaper.
  • My Pato is delightful and I love him, even (especially?) when he calls at all hours of the night and/or morning.
  • I am going to the resto gastro again on Wednesday to stuff myself and to show off one of my favorite classes to my assisting cohorts.
  • I have one set of penpal letters off my hands and they are no longer my problem.
  • I have re-learned how to make bulleted lists in HTML.
  • I have three classes cancelled this week, plus the two that are en stage. It's not that I don't want to work... it's that, well, my life would be easier if I didn't have to.
  • the cover of Harry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixThere are .
  • I got to see my soeur franaise and show her my exciting weekend life.
  • In wandering and getting lost, Sophie and I saw parts of Vichy I'd never seen before.
  • My demon-student was difficult again today, but in an immature and irreverent way rather than a hateful, disrespectful, intimidating one.

srah - Monday, 24 March 2003 - 10:13 AM

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