I dreamt I ran into Lindsay Roe again, this time in an airport elevator. I wasn't actually going anywhere and I was acutely embarassed at being caught hanging around the airport for nothing.

Later I was in an English class with Jennifer and Renata. The students didn't understand what the teacher was saying and she was teaching them things that were wrong, so they turned to me and asked me to take over the class.

I also dreamt that Alex and I visited his host-aunt (in the world of host-families, you can have such mammals), who was a jeweler and lived in some combination of a medieval castle and a rambling farmhouse. I upset her tray of rings and thought I had lost one, but she found it and was very nice about it. I went out to the stables and watched some insane geese attack each other, then met Alex's host-cousin, who started hitting on me. He was a kid from Valéry Larbaud who is not in any of my classes but who I kept seeing yesterday.

srah - Tuesday, 25 March 2003 - 4:25 PM

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