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Déjà, j'aime pas parler au téléphone et en plus, je deteste parler aux repondeurs parce que je raconte toujours un peu n'importe quoi.

And for the Anglophones in the audience: I hate talking on the phone, but I hate talking to answering machines even more because I always say something stupid.

Not a direct translation, but both express my attitude. I hate talking on the phone in English but it's even worse in French. In either language, it's much easier for me if I can see the person - if I can read their lips as they speak and use their body language to understand what they mean. With an answering machine, I have my hatred of the phone plus everyone's natural dislike and fear of feeling stupid when you realize you're talking to a box.

srah - Sunday, 9 February 2003 - 2:14 PM
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