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No soucis, I'll try to improve

I'm not a very good English assistant.

After we went to Super-Besse, Philippe complained to Agnès that I spent all weekend speaking French. Agnès replied that she didn't have any better luck herself - I was always speaking French to her as well.

Yesterday I told the TH2s I wanted to take a picture of them before they left for their stages. They looked at me blankly and I had to repeat in French.

I ought to be refusing to speak French. I ought to be pretending I don't speak French. I ought to have made all the students who've served me in the resto gastro speak English to me. But it's so much easier to drop into French and get my point across instead of repeating myself eleven times to blank stares and lost interest. I am rather selfish and lazy and often more interested in communication than in improving people's English. I wonder if I would even be reaccepted if I applied.

srah - Friday, 21 February 2003 - 4:25 PM

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